General Anesthesia For Children & Adults 

Patients who have researched the option to put their children to sleep during their dental treatment undoubtedly have become frustrated in finding a facility to provide these services. Hospitalization is the only option and that comes with significant expense  and qualifications. Medical insurance typically denies these claims and dental insurance is limited to only the dental procedures themselves. 

We now offer a hospital operating room type of setting with an unbelievable cost savings compared to the exuberant “hospital charges”. We make general anesthesia, or putting the patient completely to sleep while having dental treatment done, a potential option. 

Why Do General Anesthesia? 

Young children or toddlers are often very frightened of the dentist. The sounds they hear from the dental drill and the feeling of pressure that they feel, can make them go hysteric, even if they do not actually feel the pain. Moreover, some children need to have a lot of dental work completed on multiple teeth. Thus, it is often best to put the child completely to sleep in order to finish all of the treatment in one, stress-free visit. 

How Do We Put A Patient Under General Anesthesia? 

To provide the safest and most comfortable way to treat our patients, we hire an Anesthesiologist to come to the office regularly. The general anesthesiologist will give the patient some oral medication that helps make them drowsy. Afterwards, the anesthesiologist will start an IV and give the right dosage of drugs to completely put the patient to sleep. Once the patient is completely sleeping, the anesthesiologist monitors the breathing and vital signs, while the dentist provides all necessary treatment. 

What Are The Advantages To General Anesthesia? 

The greatest advantage of putting a child/adult to sleep while getting their dental work done is that they will not be traumatized by their dental work. Some of the medications that are used actually help the child/adult forget all about what happened during the treatment. Also, once the patient is completely asleep, all treatment, including radiographs, fillings, crowns, oral surgery, and cleanings can be done at once in a manner that is not traumatic or scary for the patient.

What Are The Disadvantages Of General Anesthesia? 

Although the risks are very low, particularly because we employ an anesthesiologist to provide the sedation, some parents are not comfortable having their little ones completely put to sleep. The biggest disadvantage of general anesthesia however is the cost. Most insurances do not cover the treatment and the anesthesiologist visiting the office will charge a set amount. Fortunately our office helps patients afford this option by significantly reducing the anesthesia cost versus hospitalization and all associated costs. 

Who Is A Good Candidate For Pediatric General Anesthesia? 

The younger the child, the more suitable of a candidate they are to be put to sleep through treatment. This will prevent them from being scared of the dentist, both during the present treatment and in the future. Some older children also have an inexplicable fear of the dentist. These children too would benefit greatly from being put to sleep. Also, children that need a lot of dental work, which may normally require multiple appointments, may benefit from dental anesthesia because the child can have everything done at once. Finally, some parents with special needs children would rather have their child put to sleep before having dental treatment done. Often, these children only get their dental treatment done in a hospital. However, these children can now be treated in the comfort of a private dental office. Our providers are exceptional and our facility offers all the safety of a hospital with the convenience of a private practice minimizing the admission process.